As much potential, If not more, Than some of the people through your doors, I’ve been in this position before, You call me back and I come in, I can tell by the language of your body you wanna put me on, I just killed that shit you’re thinking of bringing me on, Awaiting another call as a day goes by, Hopeful, But not certain in the slightest at all, “At this time we’d like to extend an offer” I’m calm, I know this isn’t over, Rarely is it that easy, Another day, another call, Unfortunately I know the outcome of it all, “Unfortunately, some things have been flagged, you’re not a good fit” Unfazed I knew it’d come to this, They say leave your past behind you, But sometimes steps towards the future open the door to who you used to be, Even after becoming a different person entirely, Welcome to part of the life made harder by choices of a younger me

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